Tweak-Rich iOS 7.1 Appears at Last; Apple TV Now Lets You Hide Channels



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There was always a way to hide channels on Apple TV but this is definitely far better, previously you could only do it through "Restrictions".



One of the best things that I have noticed about the 7.1 release is the amazingly blazing speed change that users are able to experience now. The 64-bit A7 processors in the iPhone 5s and newest iPad lineup definitely love the change. Additionally, the option to bold the keyboard too, however, may be a bit of an annoyance. The workaround here that I use is to increase the text size of dynamic type and turn the bold off altogether. This creates a great visual and aesthetic experience all the way around!

Kudos to the Apple iOS Team for listening, testing, and obviously polishing what was already a great mobile operating system - now making it that much more so.

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