Two Hipster Kids Blow Up a MacBook Air for Irony, or Something



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The NYC duo first saw this need when he realized the iPhone 4 with HD video recording and High Dynamic Range photography was “literally the best camera they’d ever owned.” But with its small form factor (and Apple’s minimalist design approach) they knew it would never contain a threaded nut for attaching a tripod – a standard on almost all photo and video cameras. While solutions for mounting an iPhone to a tripod exist (DIY or otherwise),Iphone 4 Stand they are typically bulky and cumbersome.

And Provost, an interaction designer, wanted to use a process called ‘injection molding’ to create the Glif at a higher level of quality, but unfortunately that required a hefty set up cost. So he turned to Kickstarter, a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers and other creative types. He set up his Kickstarter project and set the funding goal at $10,000. Users who pledged at least twenty dollars were promised a Glif as soon as they were built. 4,655 people pledged $20.iPhone 4 charger In total, the project was funded by 5,273 backers who pledged a total of $137,417, surpassing Provost and Gerhardt’s original goal of $10,000 by quite a bit.

The Glif has two primary functions: it mounts your iPhone to a standard tripod, and acts as a kickstand to prop your iPhone up at an angle. From these two functions emerge numerous uses: hands-free FaceTiming,Iphone 4 Car Kits watching videos, making movies, using your iPhone as an alarm clock among others. The Glif will be manufactured with a recyclable Santoprene (grade 101-87) hard rubber; a material that feels great to the touch, and holds the phone securely.



What's up with the razor wire on top of the property wall?? 1:29 in..



Why give them the publicity? If you stop and everyone stops watching, then hopefully they will go away


Mr. Reeee

Hipsters dorks needing attention. So, what else is new?

Who would care if it were a Dell, HP or VAIO?
That's correct, NO ONE.

Maybe they should blow up a single-speed bicycle next.
Or torch one of those dopey little straw hats.



They should have just microwaved a Twinkie. Acts of destruction a la Letterman have never had any entertainment value for me.



why blow up a nearly 2000 dollar computer



Anyone who reads Mac|Life would have gladly taken that MacBook Air. But instead it has been blown to pieces. Poor MacBook :-(

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