Unofficial iPhone Tethering is Easier Than Ever



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I have the 2G iPhone with the 3.0 software, and this does not work. The option for tethering never comes up. Is this only for 3G phones?? :(



I found out that you just say assist my in Network Preferences and say ethernet and no routers and such and them it finds the IP, DNS, and Search Domain for you. And it works on Edge.



i tried it and via bluetooth i couldnt connect to network and via usb it couldnt find the ip etc.



I'm still scratching my head (no, not from dandruff) about the implementing and using tethering. Unless you're in a remote location or driving with your MacBook in your lap and an insatiable need to access the internet on it (never mind the implications of taking your eyes off of the road), why would tethering be useful? Would it not drain your iPhone's battery considerably? What purpose would it serve that you couldn't already do on the iPhone? Too many questions about tethering and not enough answers (Oh yeah and what's a good brand of shampoo to use?) "It's not too late to turn from the dark side and back towards the light of Apple and everything Mac!"



Good question, kurtmac. I will use tethering at my wife's place of work. I am self-employed and can work anywhere I can get on the internet. I love to be with my wife during the day, but there is no Wifi access at her workplace. Your concern with draining the iPhone's battery is understandable, too. But I just plug it into my MacBook Pro, and plug in my MacBook Pro. Voila! I'm powered up, doing work, and hangin' with my sweetie, all at the same time!!!Ain't life grand???!!! :-) 

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