Update That Fixes iOS 4 Speed Issues on iPhone 3G Should Be Here Soon



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I just downgraded to iOS3 using your instructions and at last I have my phone back.



Mine is running normal. I guess I'm lucky?



i disabled Safari and App Store, by restricting them and the iphone 3g is just flying, no more sluggish and glitches. if you need to use these apps just unlock them and then when u r done disable them.



I have had the most upsetting experience with this whole situation this summer. I downgraded back to iOS3 after being brave enough to try iOS4. Things were fine for about 2 weeks. Then the iPhone crashed. I spent about 6 hours trying to restore with no luck - nothing happened. Then I went to the Apple store genius bar and they tried for another hour. They could do nothing and the only option I had was to purchase an out of warranty replacement for $250. Talk about freaking out! 1 1/2 years ago I took the plunge and got rid of my house phone so this is the only phone i have. Finally, after appealing to their conscience I got one rep to sell me a battery replacement for $89. It took 6 days for the replacement to arrive. Whew! Then, when we were setting up the phone instore, another rep said she had the same problem with performance but since the new upgrade to 4.0.1 things were great, so dummy me, said to go for it - so I am back to 4.0.2 and it is awful. A few times I couldn't even answer calls because the slider would not respond. Other times calls are lost while speaking. Once I answered the same call 4 times (my boyfriend just kept calling) until we finally connected. I have given up and am expecting delivery of my new iPhone 4 in 2 days. A fix to this mess would at least let me use my 3G as a backup. :(



So slow!



The only fix I could find was to follow the instructions to down grade to IOS 3 and my phone has been working fine ever since. When the upgrade comes out I will definitely take a "wait and see" posture before I consider installing the upgrade on my iPhone 3G. After I have heard rave reviews of its performance I will make the upgrade but not before.



I sure hope they do, my phone has been slow and glitchy. At one point it didn't let me end a call when I was finished leaving a message.

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