USB Tethering Works Fine With iPhone Software 3.0



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Imagine Engine

For those that are testing firmware 3.0 can you please confirm if OS X Leopard "Back to My Mac" feature works while tethered to the iPhone 3G? Is it running like PDAnet which basically turns the iPhone into a WLAN router or is it using a proxy configuration like iPhoneModem? The latter of which doesn't work with BTMM. Also while in tethering mode does it display the data usage? Is the WLAN connection WPA or the weaker WEP?



That's almost as an important upgrade as "cut and paste"!




Now that both AT&T and Verizon is limiting data to 5 gigs, it might make it hard to watch very many tv shows or movies using tethering

Seems like they jumped on to add this just in time for when it becomes an available option

Talk about GREED

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