Verizon Gets New iPhone in June?



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Sounds good to me. But I'll be sticking to AT&T anyways since my current iPhone 3G is with a family plan that still has contracts that aren't over yet for another two years. Hoping that they do would stay with AT& T still.



But I’ll be sticking with AT&T. Here in Seattle it is as fast or faster than anyone else’s devices... and the iPhone is still King either way.



Of course they'll have to revamp iPhone OS and the way it syncs as Verizon's not going to allow one to Sync to Apple's MobileMe service and on top of that, you're not going to be able to do it while talking on the phone, unless it's possible to do it across wi-fi at the same time...



Its about time Apple lets the consumers choose: Verizon or AT&T (assuming they release it on both carriers). Now the disgruntled iPhoners(myself included) can move to another carrier and the happy ones can stay. In the end, EVERYBODY WINS!!!!!!

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