Verizon Lights Up 33 More 4G LTE Markets, Posts Big Wireless Gains for Q2



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Just to be clear I am not a Sprint customer so people who might think i am talking bad about Verizon and AT&T coz I am sprint customer, no i am not. I am the victim of one of them who just hopes we wake up and do something about. If I am wrong check your bills and then tell me if I am wrong.



Sad o see why people are excited about this news. The did well and made more money only coz they gave the consumers less for more price, not get more consumers. Increasing price and showing your profit only shows that these companies (Verizon, AT&T) don't care as long any how it shows increase in profit on their finance. Wake up people, the only way they will take care of you and not cap you or charge you more for the same product which you were playing less before is if we take actions. These two companies need to be punished.

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