Verizon Says AT&T Can't Handle Truth



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Ultimately, Apple and Verizon are going to have to get together. Verizon has the killer network but mediocre phone offerings. Apple has the killer phone. Together they will be unstoppable. Apple knows it, Verizon knows it and AT&T knows it--and fears it as indicated by their overreaction to Verizon's ads.



AT&T is being ridiculous. While there are obvious faults with the Verizon advert, for example I live in an area with great 3G AT&T coverage which is completely blank on the commercial's map, AT&T is complaining about Verizon misrepresenting 3G as a need for actual voice services which it is simply not doing. Verizon's adverts maybe misleading for the fact that the AT&T 3G coverage map Verizon showed was missing some of the 3G coverage area AT&T does have but there is no problem with the premise of the advert.

Unfortunately AT&T chose to sue and made themselves look petty and bitter (they are) but AT&T could have countered with advert correcting Verizon if they felt this way. Perhaps they could have tried to explain the problems they saw with the Verizon advert or the difference between the two versions of 3G as by Verizon's standard EDGE would be counted as 3G since lots of the map showing Verizon's 3G area actually shows EDGE level CDMA2000 1x EVDO service. Technically Edge is a 3G service by the International Telecommunication Union's IMT-2000 but AT&T markets EDGE as 2.5 or 2.75G to prevent confusion with the much faster yet still 3G service UMTS.

Mind you I still think Verizon is right to show the map that way and that AT&T has dropped the ball on 3G, especially since locally 3G coverage took 2 years longer than first reported and that's nearly a Windows Vista sized delay, but Verizon has been just as guilty with their EVDO Rev. A and B roll out and considering they still call 1x EVDO 3G I think they are misleading their customers into thinking they are providing true modern 3G in the entirety of that Reagan vs Walter Mondale level red Verizon map.

Alas the US mobile network is the joke of the industrialised world and our service providers are contented with the status quo. If you don't believe me look at Canada's Roger's wireless and note that they are considered a terrible company yet get the job done better than most US providers.



I personaly love Verison. I mean on vacation out in the middle of no-where Iowa i had full bars. The ads do clearly state 3G coverage.AT&T should stop griping and get there "America's Fastest 3G Network" up to snuff. They dont realy have a case at all. Once apple finally dumps AT&T im getting a Verison Iphone.

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