Verizon Site Updated with Visions of the iPhone 4 [Updated]



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I have been waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon for years, so yes I will be getting the iPhone once my current contract ends.



I'll wait a bit. I loathe AT&T. Where I live, (Colorado) coverage sucks. most of my incoming calls go straight to VM and it usually takes two or three tries to get an outgoing call to ring. And THAT's with a Microcell in the room! However, I wonder if Verizon has ever dealt with the volume they are about to see. I recall (and might be wrong) that early Android sales were 100,000 of phones; and they probably sold 11 or 12 Windows phones.
Seems that the best course of action is to wait a month or two and see how all the new iPhones impact their network. I have a zillion months left on my contracts with AT&T, but if Verizon handles the traffic well, I'd happily pay the penalty to switch.
Not that I think Verizon is without fault, I think both AT&T and verizon suck, just differently.

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