Verizon Tiered Pricing Coming in July



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Does anyone know if this will affect current customers? I am willing to stay with Verizon. If I go to another plan, it will cost more.



My wife would like to go from her dumb phone to an iPhone on our Verizon plan. Current pricing would mean $30 for each of us for our mandatory data plans. Would be really neat if the tiered pricing allows for sharing data plans at less than $60 per month.



go to AT&T they have plans 200MB for $15, 2GB for $30! the first one may work for you guys if you want a $30 a month thing + you get better data coverage & Call Quality (also i have never had a dropped call(i have been in both San-Fran and Dallas where it is supposedly the worst, but i had the same Great Call Quality)


Scooter Rocks

Do you guys know if the rates are changing for current users? I sort of like unlimited data for $30, not 2gb for $30. =(



Off the top of my head, sounds like a plan to try and keep current customers. Leaving your current provider risks higher rates.

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