Verizon Wants To Know Why You Broke Its Heart



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I got asked the same thing (on the phone) when I canceled my Verizon contract. When I said "I got an iPhone" the girl just said "Oh...ok" at which point I said, do you get that a lot? "Yeah, about 40 times today".

Seriously? Now this was a little while back, but that's crazy. I can't imagine how much Verizon has lost to AT&T. I love my 3G (and it's worth putting up with AT&T) but I defiantly miss Verizon. Is the best of both worlds really to much to ask?



verizon has the network apple has the phone DUHHHHHHH !!! stop being thick and hook up !



I looove my iPhone 3G. Sweet, sweet love, in fact. But my 15 year old niece has a Dare, and honestly, for someone that spends most of their time texting, taking photos, and making videos, it's probably a better choice. Not a bad phone at all. It just isn't an iPhone.



Ok, so the only reason I DON'T have an iPhone is because its not with Verizon yet. So maybe Verizon will get the hint and hook up with Apple and get the iPhone? Hmmmm, sounds like a plan to me! =]

 -Kevin Duncan 



That's one boo-boo that's going to keep bleeding for a while

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