Verizon Working On Partnership To Release Microsoft Phones?



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Many individuals have really grown so dependent on their cell phones especially the teenagers, that if one breaks or a new phone goes out in the market they take out a pay day loan to purchase one. Well, on June 19 they won't need to simply because T-Mobile is giving away totally free phones. They're giving away any telephone in their store when you sign up for a new contract. if this rumor is true or not has yet to come out, but a couple of with the newest versions of intelligent phones for free is worth my time to a minimum of try.



Get back some market share that iPhone stole from Windows customers? Whatever…

Microsoft, stop crying and do something!



Oh, No. I hope this doesn't reshape the mobile landscape such that the mobile phone hardware / mobile service provider relationships do NOT firm up to the point that AT&T has only Apple, Verizon has only Microsoft, T-Mobile has only GOOGLE / Andriod, etc. Wouldn't that suck? THat's like being forced to choose a resturant that has only good food or good service, but not both. I wish the Government would step in and MANDATE that ALL MOBILE PHONES / DEVICES available in the USA WORK ON EACH AND EVERY MOBILE NETWORK. Period.

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