Video: 100-Year-Old Woman’s First Computer is an iPad



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drew Brees jersery



My great grandma lived to 106; was born in 1889.  She was also into writing her own home-spun poetry.  Poets used to be society's rock stars back in the day.Ah, to be a civilization of letters again...



Interesting!! what an enthusiasm in such an old age!! Hat off to him.<a href="">Heel Tastic</a> 



aha, amazing and awesome!ipad is really fascinated!it's so sleek and convenient. One of my friend said to me: "I am buying an iPad because I can't open a laptop in cattle-car airlines without breaking my laptop or straining my wrists to work on it. I want to boot up and watch a movie or read a book in a matter of seconds, not minutes. I want to be able to quickly work on a document or e-mail only, not load an entire system when I don't need all of it. I want a simple way to work while travelling The iPad fits that description without the extra weight of laptop, cords, mouse, and other accoutrements of work."you see this is ipad's magic. Well, share some ipad resources and tips on iPads, such as "Top 10 Best Free iPad Apps", "The Beginner's Guide to iPad Video Conversion on Mac", "Apple iPad Jailbreaking Hacks"... Well, more: ifunia ipad column



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