Video: Ellen DeGeneres Pokes Fun at iPhone, Then Recants



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"What content was totally false?You sound like a PC Fanboy."As usual, typical comment of a Mac Fanatic from this website. So sad. 



It's called advertising, and the "PC vs Mac" ads were some of the best on TV. What content was totally false?You sound like a PC Fanboy.


Ray Aguilera

So did she actually hear from Apple? Or was she just doing her job (ie, wringing a little more comedy out of a funny bit)?



Take it easy, Mr. Macintosh. the video was meant to be humorous.
Can't even take a joke, but it was okay for Apple to jab at Microsoft with those fun and lighthearted "PC vs Mac" ads with contents that are totaly false.

A bunch of uptight asses working for Apple these days.



The "Send" button is where the "Delete" button is on a real key board. I have hit "Send" a few times when I was trying to hit "Delete."



That was very funny. Between Ellen and John Stewart, Apple has gotten some very funny jabs recently. It would be nice if everyone could be this lighthearted. I like that each of them has reitterated how much they love their Apple products though. It shows that you can be a fan and still find humor in the mistakes or missteps. Way to many zealots AND haters in the world right now. I am an Apple user, but can certainly laugh at all these issues. Apple does not do everything right. Heck, who does?

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