Video: Evernote Turns Five, Thanks Customers with User Number Emails



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I think I first tried Evernote when it was a public Beta, possibly v.1

I'm afraid I couldn't see the point behind it - yes, yes, virtual folders / scrap books / notebooks, blab, blah - but why? It sat on my computer, largely unused, but upgrading as new versions came out in the hope I could figure out a practical use for it. Finally I gave up on it, uninstalled it and forgot my account info.

Time passes to the present day...

Another computer with a different OS, plus 2 handheld devices, each with their own OS. Evernote still wildly hyped and reviewed, so I installed it across my devices, created a new account, and....meh.
I still don't see the point. Yeah, I've 'clipped' articles from the web, created notebooks of information, accessed this from all my devices and even sent some info created in it to others. So what? If it all crashed and disappeared into the ether tomorrow, no great loss. Clearly I'm missing something fundamental here.

Or not.

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