Video: Geohot Demonstrates Untethered Jailbreak, Works for iPad?



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It's about time someone did something different with jailbreak that makes someone want to do it at this point. Maybe have the ability to tether my 3Gs to my iPad, this would really be the only reason to jailbreak to me. All that other stuff was not worth it because of all the problems that occurred after doing it. It's like a P.O.A. you hit it, it was good, now it's time to go back to my in house..... The other reason I would do it is because I refuse to pay AT&T another 15-30 bucks a month or a use to use the same damn network for the same damn purpose. Hell my wife and I already give you 30 bucks a piece and I'm not about to double that up just because you decided to not give iPhone tethering but allow for iPad 3G...GTFOOH!!!

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