Video Issues Affecting iTunes 9.2 Users



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Just wanted to update anyone with this problem that I got an email from the iTunes support team acknowledging this as an 9.2 update problem. I was told this is "flagged" for follow-up & Apple is working on a fix. I will be notified when it happens. In other words, wait for the next update(s).
I later discovered the movie files play fine on my TV and on my Dell laptop. My laptop is not running 9.2 and Windows users are having the same problem after the upgrade.



I have the same issue. Grey videos purchased from the Itunes store the minute I updated to 9.2. Interestingly though, older shows also purchased still play fine. I can watch the shows perfectly on the IPad and non 9.2 updated machines. Machine asks for authorization and then when you authorize tells you it was already authorized. Let's hope they have a fix soon!



This isn't just an "iTunes 9.2" upgrade issue, they're not fixing something just to break something like the author suggests... instead it's a issue w/ the upgrade of iTunes itself. (When did "Mac|Life" become so cynical about Apple? All recent articles is a cynical flame towards Apple. I miss "MacAddict"... sniff).

The fix wasn't a new install of the OS X, geesh... it's worse than that... customer service w/ the iTunes store folks. I had to call them, they had to reset some things on their side about my account.

I've had this "grey screen" issue twice, both w/ upgrades to a new release of iTunes. Once w/ 8.x to 8.x and again from 8.x to 9.0.



This must be that better than windows and Linux technology I always hear so much about



I am having this problem with my very first iTunes install and purchase. Now I am just getting the run around from iTunes Support. I have a computer technical background and have explained the situation in detail along with screenshots. They are now having me go through the most basic steps that I have already done and explained to them.

I found this article via a simple Google search for 'iTunes authorization problem'. That tells me that the issue is not isolated to just the few iTunes users that have posted on the iTunes Support Community Forum.

What intrigued me in the article is the remark "...Users have reported that downgrading to iTunes 9.0.x has helped,..."

What are the recommended steps to accomplish this?




I am seeing it. BIG TIME! My issue is with digital downloads purchased with BluRay movies. I downloaded 2 digital copies on my 2.53 GHZ Mac Mini last Saturday. Downloaded without issue- all the metadata, track, cover art & movie info intact. One file is 1.8 GB; the other 1.5 GB. So the files are there. But they don't play. I get the sign-in & reauthorization notice constantly. I de & re- authorized my account. I even downloaded iTunes 9.2 again to no avail. All I get is a black screen & no audio. The chapter titles & icons are there & when I scrub to any point on the timeline a still frame from the movie appears. Like I said, the file is there. And all my prior digital downloads play fine. I notified the movie studios on their web sites but they say its an iTunes problem and will not give me another decrypt key. I used my one & only. Warms your heart, doesn't it? But Apple was no better. The CSR tried to blow me off telling me its not their problem since it isn't an Apple product & wasn't purchased on iTunes! WTF!!! I paid extra $ for these digital copies. Money that the studios AND Apple put in their pockets. What do I get? Bupkis!!! Anyway, long story short is I'm waiting for a "personal" response from the iTunes support team tomorrow. I know its not going to get fixed until the next upgrade. Or the one after. So I'm kissing off the summer as far as catching up with movies on my iPod. And I bought 6 movies w/digital copies. Obviously I'm not touching the other 4 till this is resolved. Thanks, Apple! Windows 7 & WMP is looking better & better.



I'm not seeing this issue. I wonder if it is related to specific systems and/or video hardware.



Absolutely no issues with iTunes 9.2 using any functuonality, including videos.

Just because a few users report problems doesn't mean it is widespread.



I have found that iTunes 9.2 resolved my video problems. I was unable to play music videos purchased from the previous version of iTunes but has no problems with iTunes 9.2



I am running the latest version of iTunes, 9.2, and I haven't had this issue (knock on wood).

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