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Fitting yesterday I was in the SF Apple keep on Author Street and my assistive Apple associate swiped my paper in his iPhone, and I asked when power the group get that design? But sight as I smoldering in S.F. and localised at&t writer sucks so majorly, I needed to turn to another bourgeois to be competent to get and gain calls. That inverted my iPhone into an iPod, and how I wishing Apple would increase the iPhone to other businessperson. And wouldn't it be major if this depot would interrogatory on this matter and possibilities.
Credit Cards


david rajuuu

Merchants are charged several fees for the privilege of accepting credit cards. The merchant is usually charged a commission of 1%-3%+ of the value of each transaction paid for by credit card...



Hell no. Unless there's an NSA grade security feature to secure your transaction, no way. I like to be face to face when I make my purchases.



Just yesterday I was in the SF Apple store on Stockton Street and my helpful Apple associate swiped my card in his iPhone, and I asked when might the world get that device? But seeing as I live in S.F. and local at&t service sucks so majorly, I needed to switch to another provider to be able to get and make calls. That turned my iPhone into an iPod, and how I wish Apple would expand the iPhone to another provider. And wouldn't it be great if this magazine would report on this subject and possibilities.



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The Apple Store in my town has been doing this for months now. It looks like a large iPhone case that has a swipe slot on the side of it. WHen I first noticed it I commented on how much nicer it must be compared to the Windows CE garbage they were using. Has anyone else seen these or is the Apple store in my town a test bed for the new hardware?



All Apple stores now use specially augmented Apple-desinged iPod touches to cash-out customers instead of what they previously used, which were PDA-like devices that ran on a Windows-mobile OS. Not only hypocritical of Apple to use a Windows product, the devices were unreliable. However, these modified iPods are not available to the public, thus the usefulness of a device such as this.



i never thought that the iphone can become the tools for swiping credit
card. Such a advance technology nowadays. perniagaan internet

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