Video: Sony Goes After iPhone With New PSP Ad



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wait a minute! isn't he the foot burn guy:



What's also hysterical is that the kid has to put down his game, and then pick up his cel phone to make a call to the guy with the iPhone. I got an iPhone so I DON'T have to carry multiple devices!



Not sure it's wise of Sony to do this. It sort of exposes to people who weren't considering an iPhone or iPod Touch as a viable mobile gaming device, that alternative. Would anyone who is planning on getting an iPhone look at this and say decide to get a PSP instead because it has better games?

At best, maybe it'll show current iPhone users what they're missing out on and they'll also buy a PSP.

For my money though, if I want a really different gaming experience to my iPhone I would consider getting a DSi.



Shame on Sony. Why be afraid of a phone. It has limitations you know. It's not like a nuclear bomb to the Technology that with its power can destroy you. It is a revolutionary phone and the PSP is a gaming device. It has more options. Sony should quit blaming and come out with something good. Playstation Motion Controller definitely sucks because they are basically putting themselves with the Wii while XBOX is dominating with Kinect and here you are fighting with a freaking Phone? Its as if iPhone bought a knife to a gun fight and you are running away with the GUN! I will not be surprised if the iPhone ruins you guys.


James Pal

iPhone just got PWND!



That's Hilarious SUUUCCKKKKER!!

I think it's a huge testament on how much the iPhones putting a hurting on Sony's portable gaming division. They're feeling the pinch, so it's time to start pointing out iPhones weaknesses. Apple does it to, like with the whole MAC-PC campaign. It's funny to watch these guys go at it some times!!!!!



Iphone you can do just about everything
PSP same except for a phone

PSP made for gameing
iPhone made to be a revolutionary phone
It is a phone not a gaming system sure people make games for it and a lot of them are great except its still meant to be a phone
so sony comparing the PSP to the iPhone is just not fair i believe sure the psp has better games but honestly they are not made for the same thing

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