Video: T-Mobile Goes on the Offensive Against iPhone



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"but we’re not sure attacking the device they can’t have is the right answer." Um, what commercial did this writer watch? They didn't attack the iPhone. They attacked the networks on which the iPhone is running.

Come on. Aren't you supposed to be a "technical" kinda guy?



This is just sad. Honestly, who doesn't see the Apple in this commercial? There are "hipsters" and losers, and the parties introduce themselves in front of a white background with simple music playing... This screams Apple knockoff if you ask me, and by no means is 3G "slow." Nor is the iPhone for that matter, and if one compares the specs for both phones, he will see that they are right on par with one another in most respects. But I guess this is advertising, right?



"buxom young brunette" ??? Comely, pretty, vivacious yes ..... buxom - no.

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