Video: Verizon iPhone Release Fails to Attract a Crowd



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Considering two important fact I am not that surprised.

1. Most Verizon customers are under contract. I am not willing to pay $600 for a new phone. Instead I will wait for my contract to expire. In my case its just in time for the iPhone 6.

2. Apple fans know that Apple will release a new phone this summer. iPhone 5, why buy last years tech only to be locked into it for the next two years. Especially with the new phone coming in 4-5 months. We Verzion users have been waiting for 3 years whats 4 months after all that.

In addition the regular Verizon users already had their phones that wanted them. When they ordered online a week ago.



Good points, but the real reason why there's no line in this video is even more simple.  Apple didn't start activations until 12:00, every Verizon store started at 7:00am. If you're a big enough fan to wait in line for an iPhone, why would you do it at Apple? (There were easily about 40 people in the Verizon line at 6:45am in SF yesterday morning).

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