Want to Buy a New iMac or Mac Pro? You May Have to Wait Until Next Year



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Its too late... I'm done listening to the rumors, waiting and being disappointed. I've just purchased a PC thanks to the lack of a truly updated Mac Pro. I need a desktop powerhouse for the work I do. I'm a desktop person and always will be and I just can not justify spending this kind of money for, in my opinion, is sub par offering from Apple. Not even a graphic card update (Really?). The graphics card offered for the Mac Pro is so far behind what is currently offered from nVidia and ATI, its not even funny. Even if the reports are correct and Apple is working on a new Mac Pro, having to wait until 2013 is ridiculous. I love OS X and will always have a Mac but for my real world work, it will be on a Windows (unfortunately) based machine. Kind of sad to see the fall of the Mac Pro.


Shane Keller

Please tell me this is not true. Please. No really... please tell me this is not true...

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