Want a New Mac Pro or Mac mini? Wait Until August



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I was hoping the Mac Mini would get some love soon. Imagine what a little freakin' powerhouse that Mac Mini would be if they put the dedicated 1 Gb GPU that they use in the high-end MBPs in it. I think I'd probably mess myself on the way to the Apple Store. ...but I'd still consider one with integrated graphics with just the CPU/Thunderbolt update.

I believe the Mac Mini is a respectable and efficient little computer. It's great for the average user who wants a modestly-priced Mac.



This is good news for me. I've been waiting for a Mini update to iCore processors all year. I'm looking for a quad core for video, etc. Now I hope Apple doesn't cripple it by limiting the i5 (if that's what they use) to 2 cores with no hyper threading like the MBP. The more I think about it, the more I realize this is probably what Apple will do. If so, I'll go with a refurb iMac.

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