Wednesday Recap: Google+ A Ghost Town, Camera Awesome, Windows 8 Preview



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Here's what I wrote about Google+ a few weeks back for asn essay on Social Media:

"I have recently added a Google+ account to the same purpose as FaceBook, but I have no friends there. The reason is that I can’t FIND anyone there. It’s like walking into a gymnasium on Sunday morning. The echo in Google+ is deafening, the vacuum is palpable."

At least a Ghost Town would have ghosts. Google+ has nobody.



Agreed! Additionally such places are filled with folk expressing nothing but childhood intelligence as they carry their college degrees behind their backs. 'College' from what I see is used by many as a 'free ticket' to corporate America, it's no wonder high school drop outs like me are mistaken as psychology doctors in our blogs...because we are educating ourselves out here in the real world through true merit of the soul.

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