Wednesday Recap: iPad 3 Going LTE?, Mac OS X 10.7.3 Released, Path Adds Depth



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When I restarted only the dock showed up. The toolbar was gone. Had to do a cold shut down and restart. Seems fine now.



I used Software Update to go to 10.7.3, and upon restart, nothing would launch, windows wouldn't open, and all the dialog boxes that popped up had the lickable buttons replaced with a repetitive "CUI ?" background. If I could add pix, I'd attach a screenshot of what I mean. I did a reinstall of Lion from the Recover Partition, which kindly installed 10.7.3 (so THAT's why it's better than the DVD!) so everything's back to normal, but what a pain.

Anyone else have any 10.7.3 install issues?

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