What's Next for the iPhone 3G?



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how about the ability to sync contacts to a SIM card? i could do that on my old blackjack -- without any add-ons. don't get me wrong, i love my iPhone, but apple sure has disappointed by leaving out some really basic features. and one more vote here for cut-n-paste and voice dialing.



Aside from the obvious syncing of notes and to-do's, my biggest issue is the constant problem I have of the silent-vibrate on/off switch moving while in my pocket. Between the too soft of a ringer and the silent switch unexpectedly getting turned on, I'm missing a lot of calls.



I still have to pay $400 for one because I'm a current customer, despite giving more than $1700 to AT&T in the last year.

I'd expected that by now they'd have lifted their restrictions and current customers could get one for $200.

All I've gotten for my complaints has been a call from a brisk AT&T rep saying "that's just the business model." Which doesn't really make me feel any better about being the only category of consumer who can't buy an iPhone for $200.


Adam Berenstain

2.1 has cleared up a lot of problems on my OG iPhone. And streaming my iMac's library to enjoy on my phone made sense the first time I fired up Apple's Remote app - glad to see the mothership agrees. The number one must-have feature I'll die without has to be easy date and address detection in the iPhone's Mail app. I can turn "tomorrow, 7pm, 123 Jobsy Dr." into an iCal event with a couple clicks in 10.5, I hafta be able to do that on the iPhone with a couple taps. It's just crazy to me that we can't do that yet, and that more people aren't clamoring for it. As for copy and paste, I'd much rather see tweaks and features that make copy and paste unnecessary. I just can't see using chubby fingertips to c/p productively, the way we all imagine it should work.



Just give me what free phones can do, in style. Give us damn MMS. Give us damn video recording and actual camera options. And give us back the stability of 1.1.4. I still have some of the same issues I had with 2.0 with 2.0.1, including random keyboard lag, safari sluggishness, crashing apps. The phone has actually gotten worse after the update in that now every once in a while I'll get a phone call and when I accept and hit answer, the phone completely shuts off. Or drops service completely. I don't get it.


I'm on an original iPhone 



Picture text messaging would be nice...
landscape view available for all apps...
cut & paste...

Just to name a few...



That's what I'd like to see. Now. It's such an important feature especially with the new laws in effect in the state of California. The iPhone NEEDS voice dialing NOW! What makes me upset is that it's a feature that I feel should've been on the original phone! My old pay as you go $20 phone had it, why can't a $500 phone like this one have it? The obvious answer is that it should.

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