Why Doesn't the iPad Offer More than 64GB of Storage?



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Yup. Everyone would like more storage, but flash storage is just too expensive. I think the solution we have right now is use cloud technology. Although some services you still have to pay/use your device storage (iCloud/iTunes Match), you can still store some datas in the cloud so you can have more space for your apps and your music library.

For example, my photo app only has my photo stream's pictures. It means that I only have at most 1000 pictures. "How about the rest of the photos?", you ask. Well, I use SkyDrive. I have more than 10,000 photos on it. And since my device is an iPhone, I can access those pictures any time I want. This really allows me to have more space for my apps and music. My 2nd gen iTouch was really exploded with the photos and other stuffs.

However, both SSD and Cloud technology are still at a developing stage, but yes, we are seeing a huge progress right now. I would love to see a day that most of us can easily afford many SSD devices and, of course, cheap or even free cloud service with great storage in near future.


Howard Brazee

I want a micro SD slot - that I can use with iTunes to store all of my music and movies. They don't need to load instantly. But I don't want to have to pre-select what I load, I want my whole library with me, and I can't do that with my (biggest available) iPad now.



Supply and demand does play a part in this unfortunately. I was helping a friend locate a 32GB iPad to purchase the other day but they were sold out everywhere. We could buy a 16G or a 64G but not the 32GB. Is that the most popular size? Possibly. Unfortunately, the average user doesn't have a lot of media to justify making devices that are larger than 64GB. But I'm not an average user. I'd be more than happy to pay extra to get a 120GB iPhone. Then I could finally have one device that has everything I want on it. (I have a huge music collection and tons of apps.)



To me it's all about controlling the animals in the financial farm land. If they were to dish out all of the technology they already have, businesses wouldn't make any money. I believe what they do is 'milk' the system...they already have all the technology one can think of...but release it sparingly so that they can get the most buck for the bang. It's all about money because money has power behind it...humanity really does not count other than that we are the pigs in the farm being harvested.



Despite this rationale, The storage of an ipad can be increased by 32GB for $30 if they included a micro SD slot. I put a third party SSD in my macbook pro, and I love the performance, and I am aware of the cost, but Apple's Tax on the different storage capacities is too much for providing so little. They just haven't had a reason to change their current formula.

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