Why You Shouldn't Be Scared of the Flashback Trojan



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"Macs have been more protected by attacks simply due to the fact that PCs had more users and therefore hackers could gain more from attacking a larger population."

I've heard this argument for years. This is why I disagree with it: there have been lots of college kids attending MIT, RIT, the big tech schools, etc. staying up nights trying to figure out a way to run a real virus through a Mac system. IF they could do it, they would become instantly famous. They'd get a huge salary at Apple, or McAfee. Someone will figure out how to hack the Mac OS X operating system eventually, but I'm not going to be overly concerned until it actually happens.



By Installing a trusted Mac anti-virus utility we can at least assure that no threat including the upcoming new ones can do harm to our Mac drive and data. I am sure these viruses can become a serious threat to data and information may lead to its loss. I think user must take proper back up like making an image of the drive and saving it on the other, a third party utility drive clone would do this task for sure.



The virus protection is inbuilt. You can turn it on and off at will in your settings.



"Apple have a support community ready to help users individually fix MacBook ailments, but they also build anti-virus software—it is simply that more often than not, users choose not to install it."

What Anti-virus does apple make? I have never seen an option to install an anti-virus from Apple.
I know of Firewall and some Vault encryption, that's it.



Ha ha, looks like the article was updated to replace "they also build anti-virus software" with "they also offer features that help protect against an infection".

And despite what the article and 'hourglass' say, you can't turn off the download scanning feature, you can only turn off whether the safe download list is updated daily, and I'm pretty sure that's on by default. Other settings are probably insecure by default though, especially on older versions of OS X.

Anywho, that's more attention than this link- and debate-bait deserves.



I don't think "within weeks" counts as "lightening fast."

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