Will Steve be a No-Show at WWDC 2009?



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Check out WWDC 09 event page at http://www.flockex.com/wwdc09 The event as well as all the links here have been contributed by our users. U can chip in 2. Lets create a complete page for Apple fans as well as others so that you can get complete info on a single page itself rather than getting news in bits and parts from various sources.



So, is the WWDC the [fill-in the blank]note where [fill-in the blank] will announce the iPhone that can be used for all companies? I've been waiting for it to come out for Sprint...



As Apple and it's iPhone is still under contract to produce the iPhone only for AT&T in North America it is unlikely that they are going to port it to Sprint especially since Sprint uses the CDMA network technology and the iPhone is a GSM phone only able to run on a GSM network without the phone being rewired. Not that other companies don't rewire their phones for CDMA it's just that there is a reason Nokia no longer rewires it's phone for CDMA networks.PS I hope nothing but the best for Steve's condition. Hope he gets well soon.

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