Windows 8 Makes DVD Playback a Paid Option, Could OS X Be Next?



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*koff koff* VLC *koff koff*



@xXhallelujahXx, the optical drive will be 100% functional. The only difference is that Windows Media Center will not be included with Windows 8. WMC is similar to Front Row for OS X.



Sooooo a windows user wants to upgrade to windows 8. They go to their local electronics store and purchase a windows install disc, pop it into their pc, upgrade and lose functionality of their dvd drive! That's just crazy! I can see them wanting to phase out the physical media as a lot of people get/use downloaded files, but maybe they should at least have the option that if you buy the upgrade disc it'll still give functionality to you optical disc drive. And if you download their windows 8 upgrade file, then be prepared to lose funtionality. I dont get this whole purchasing upgrade business. How hard could it be to copy over the code from windows 7 to add this. Although I'm sure their would be some decent free alternatives to download...



As I understand it, that "odd accounting quirk" was a direct result of Sarbanes-Oxley, not an Apple-originated charging policy. Thank your politicians (as always) for gouging you, not Apple.

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