Wired Reveals 3G Network Weakness



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It’s very good article.
scat girls



The service here is horrible and I can't wait to move. I am moving to Colorado Springs and the service there is great. I was there in early August and had great results. I also do not use 3G in Oklahoma City, my wife's phone and mine are both on the old network because our phones won't work in our house if on the 3G network.



The iPhone is an amazing device, but as a phone it's pretty weak, something I attribute to AT&T. I left a perfectly fine phone and network in Verizon to satisfy the Apple Geek in me, but my iPod Touch is nearly the same. Yes, it's nice to access Internet content when away from WiFi areas, but c'mon, this 3G thing is a farce! I have a 1500 sq. ft. office, and at one end I get no reception and the other, so-so reception at best. Isn't this the 21st century? IIf large cities like Boston, Philly and SF have issues with this technology, something is obviously wrong. "More bars in more places"-isn't that the tagline? It's a joke being played on the consumer. In America at least, Verizon's service is the best and I might have made a mistake in not waiting for them to get the iPhone down the road.



I've turned 3g off in my house down the shore because of no reception or dropped calls. It’s so bad I went to the local AT&T shore and discussed the situation with the rep.

He said it’s the aluminum siding on my house causing interference. OK, but my neighbor has about the same house with vinyl siding and experiences the same issues.

Do these AT&T tech guys know what there are talking about or just making stuff up as they go along?




I'm just glad I got (and kept) the original iPhone. I'd hate to be paying for 3G service but needing to turn off the feature to use the phone. The original iPhone was a much better deal overall.

Isn't it funny how there were so many complaining about the lack of 3G on the original iPhone and now that we have it all we read abut is trouble with 3G? Maybe Apple made the right decision choosing Edge initially. maybe they should switch back.


Roberto Baldwin

At the Mac|Life compound, 3G is completely useless. Because we're at the edge of 3G coverage, all 3G does is drain my phone's battery because the poor thing is trying to keep a signal.

I live in a very residential area of San Francisco and my 3G coverage out there is stellar. No dropped calls, no lost connections. I figure it's due to lower concentration of iPhones in the immediate area.



I turned off 3G on my iphone due to the lack of bars. I am only use EDGE and I have full bars. Why am I paying for this service , that I am not getting 100% percent of?

I live about 20 miles north of Boston.

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