Woz to Make Appearance at Macworld Expo



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Apple didn't stop there. They also adapted iChat into the phone for text messaging and collaborated with Google to
integrate Google Maps into the phone. iPhone also has emailing capabilities, with support for both POP3 and IMAP.
the iPhone is a wonderful, sexy product with a gorgeous crisp and bright display, but the iPhone is still missing many
vital features that phone users want such as built-in games, Java support, an iTunes Store within the phone, 3G support,
video conferencing and recording, and more.
Apple TV has stayed remarkably identical to the prototype we saw in 2006. It sports the same ports on the back..
It will cost US$299 and be available in February.thank you...

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I've used one of these at a college I was doing an interview with, and it wasn't very great on the graphics, and the pen-to-curser positioning was almost always off. While in Adobe Illustrator, brush strokes didn't feel right, and not natural at all. Using the Wacom Intuos in my contemporary media class feels and acts better than this thing.

I agree with Ben, the money would be better spent to set up a Mac Mini or MacBook with a Wacom Cintiq, which works like your actually holding a brush or piece of chalk (minus the nasty chalk feeling)



My schools graphics lab has one of these... and they're kind of JANK.

The stylus feels cheap, and the accuracy and is nowhere near PAR with the lab's Wacom Intuos 3 tablets. The screen looks grainy [think first generation LCD technology].

In terms of construction, it's pretty solid. The modifications really don't add much weight... but on the other hand, it's just bulky enough that it quickly becomes a pain to hold. They really should be making these tablets out of MacBook Airs.

It's a great idea, but with Axiotron's limitations, the product just feels generic and sub-par. The school would have been better off getting a Mac Mini, putting it on a projector cart, and then hooking a Wacom Cintiq to it.

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