WSJ Confirms Larger Screen for Next iPhone



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OK WSJ has one of the worst rumor records around and it continues with this one!

"We will NERVER make a Device to big to fit conformably in your hand" - Steve Jobs 2010
"The Rumors are False, we ARE NOT making a bigger iPhone" - Steve Jobs 2009
"We have looked into it, and we ARE NOT be making a bigger screen for the iPhone" Steve Jobs 2011
"Users do not want a Mobile Device bigger then there hand" - Steve Jobs 2010/2011/2012

"We have no reason to make a bigger iPhone" Steve Jobs/Tim Cook 2011/2012
"It would make the device to expensive" Steve Jobs/Tim Cook 2010/2012

"We have NO NEED of a bigger iPhone" - Tim Cook 2011/2012
"We have NO PLANS for a bigger screen iPhone in development" - Tim Cook 2011/2012
"We will NOT be making a bigger screen iPhone" - Tim Cook 2012
"Steve would say NO" - Tim Cook 2012

Is anyone getting the picture?



I'm with you Stone I might have to stick with my iPhone 4 a bit longer if this happens I feel the current size is perfect for my hand.



I may be the only one in Appleworld that doesn't want this. The current phone fits perfect in my hand and more importantly, in my pocket. I do NOT understand the desire to try and carry an almost 5" screen in my pocket.



No, you're definitley not the only one.

If the new iPhone doesn't fit in the pocket of a pair of Levis, I may stick with my iPhone 4 for a lot longer than I expected. I look at the tablet sized screens of some Android phones and wonder how the hell people actually carry them around without some kind of holster or purse.



Thought the screen was the size it was because Steve J. wanted folks to be able to access every square centimeter of display w/ the thumb while holding the phone in the same hand. This'll be difficult if the phone's larger.



Who knows, maybe they figured out this can still work with a bigger screen. Holding my iPod, my thumbs easily reach any part of the iPod, and can go further than the screen area. I think it being a bit bigger wouldn't affect that.

People say that this is horrible because Steve said it was the ideal size and they had put so much research in to it, but Steve has said that he finds one thing completely awful and then ends up loving it the other day. So I wouldn't be surprised if (as it's been reported that he worked closely on the next gen iPhone), he found that a bigger screen size would be better.



I'm skeptical of a larger screen. Apple doesn't change design because of "pressure" or because something is "trendy." Apple may change its design, it may even give the next iPhone a larger screen but I don't believe it will be because they are being pressured into it by the designs of Samsung or anyone else.

Apple is succesful for bringing to the customer the features and designs we didn't know we wanted.

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