WWDC 2011: Apple Reveals Free iCloud, Coming This Fall



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Ok, I'm confused, and I don't think I'm alone. Will you be able to stream the music that's in the cloud? If not, how will you access it? The 32 gb iPhone can't come close to storing my entire library, nor would I want it to. So I'm unclear what is meant by "pushing" the music to your devices. Please explain. Thanks.



So what happens to my ability to add ME.com email addresses? Does it go away? How much longer can I add them for my family (which I have not done yet because I was waiting until we got a Mac for my wife) and still get ME.com email addresses for them, too?



If you have a MobileMe account, you'll see in your account settings that the subscription has been extended to June 30, 2012 at no charge. After that time, the service will go away.
For more see Apple knowledge base article HT4597.


Paul Curthoys

Great find. Thank you!!



iTunes in the cloud is available now! Just launch the itunes app on your iDevice.

iOS 5 is the beta for developers today.


Paul Curthoys

Also a great find--thanks!



So what happens to the people with MobileMe paid until say February of next year?

Do we get a credit from Apple for iTunes or something?

Would be nice to know...



Good question. I have MobileMe too. So a newbie can join now for free (or whenever it officially starts) & we get an extension to June of 2012??? If it is free, what's the point???? We should be getting a refund or a store credit for whatever time we had left on the paid subscription!

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