WWDC 2011: iTunes Match is Part of iCloud But Costs $25 Per Year



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Details are still too limited for me to celebrate. I already have 19GB of photographs that date back to 2007. Imaging if I scanned old family photos and continued to add. I'm thinking there will be a much larger cost for additional.

I've been using Dropbox as my off-site backup and will continue to do so. The only bummer is that it demands Copy and Paste of files into the Dropbox.

I guess I imagined that the iCloud we be immediate storage of all of your files etc..... iPhoto, iMovie, literally everything.



It's interesting that they did not address current subscribers of MobileMe (especially those who renewed last month) and if they will be given access to these services. I guess this is a call to Apple.

Ultimately, I don't think there is really much information about additional GB storage above the free 5 GB.

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