WWDC 2011: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Ready to Roar Into Mac App Store Next Month



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I downloaded Lion Operating system onto my MacBook Pro and it operates fine. I then downloaded Lion to my iMac and accidentally restarted the system before I installed Lion. Now, I cannot get it to install and can't figure out how to download to this computer again. I've searched and even went to talk with Apple Genius at nearby Best Buy. No luck.

Can anyone tell me how to get another copy or how to find the first uninstalled version that I downloaded?




I've always bought my software on discs or had some physical copy of it somewhere. That's probably because I haven't always had internet, so if I had an emergency and had to reinstall I always knew I had the disc. That's one reason I'm kind of leery about using the Mac App Store. Sure, you can always reinstall apps and now with the new iTunes feature you can redownload music, but still. I would like to have some sort of physical copy of Lion, especially since it's a system OS. Like what jjq224 said, what happens when you have to reinstall your OS? (crashes are a reality! as much as I'd like to say Macs never crash, I've had two that have...) My Snow Leopard is an upgrade disc, so would I have to install Leopard, then Snow Leopard, and then Lion? If that's the case, Apple doesn't live up to its catchphrase of "it just works." That is just way to many steps to do something simple of just reinstalling an OS.



So we'll be able to download the new OS on all our Mac devices for one low price (and it truly is a ridiculously LOW price for an OS) of $29.99. But, will we be able to burn it to a DVD to keep as a backup in case the OS needs to be re-installed?

I assume this will be just an "upgrade" and not a full blown installable OS since it is only a 4gig file. The Snow Leopard DVD that came with both my iMac and MacBook Pro are dual-layer at almost 8gig. So, if the system has to be re-installed, I am again assuming that I would have to install Snow Leopard first, then re-download the Lion update - or, if I can burn the update to a disc, use that.

Then what will the new Macs ship with? Snow Leopard with an automatic update or Lion with a "special" DVD?

Really looking forward to the upgrade - I just bought my first Mac in March and my second in April of this year. Since there are over 250 new features, I'm hoping Apple does something to make file handling a little easier (ie: moving, renaming, sorting, etc). That was the hardest thing for me (a 30+ year computer user) to learn in the Mac OS.



There was a rumor a few months ago that this new OS release will not run on Intel Core Du0 processors - like what is in my 2006-era 17" MacBook Pro. Was that issue addressed today?


Susie Ochs

One of my favorite parts about this is the "all your authorized Macs." No more family pack! (Which was a total honor system thing anyway...) The big question: How do you reinstall the OS on your Mac if you get a new hard drive or your hard drive goes kaput? Restoring to a Time Machine backup is an obvious solution, but not everybody uses Time Machine...


Al's account

Before I start, I would like to say something. ( And I went over this many times) I live in Mexico, so finding the magazine is quite hard (although possible), and when I find it, I buy it and read (nice touches you guys add in the writing). I an obviously subscribed to the email newsletter. Okay. Said this.... Onward!!

Dear mac life writers:

I regret to inform you...

That I am FRIGGIN' ADDICTED to mac life. No kidding. This magazine (and website) kicks ass! By far the best Mac-related magazine (and website). I Loved the WWDC stuff you guys made. At night, when I close my internet window, I surrender and leave open a tab called "Mac l Life". Any who's... Love your magazine (and website). I hope you guys keep writing for evar.

2 HUGE (maybe too big) thumbs up to mac life staff.

"Al's Account"

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