WWDC 2013: Apple Updates MacBook Air, AirPort Extreme



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what the heck...

So last years model was 1.8GHz i5 or 2Ghz i7. So we move to the future and we get slower units with larger storage? Are they just thinking of battery life?

I use these things like candy. Always get the biggest and best and was hoping for something a little more powerful and I guess I will have to wait.

Really more ram will give the damn thing more battery life. Should have made them 16G capable and left the processor speeds the same. I do realize the new i5/i7 have better turbo mode per Ghz, but still seems like 2 steps back.




Was really hoping -- as in, company CC in hand & ready to order hoping -- for an update across the portables to Haswell (not to mention 802.11ac), but no dice. I hope my company keeps my PO open until they finally release Haswell-updated MBPs, retina or regular.

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