WWDC 2013: iOS 7 Previewed with Complete UI Overhaul



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Looks way too much like Windows 8. Why would Apple want to get away from the rich, deep looking appearance that iOS currently enjoys, and go to such a flat, cheap look? That is one of the reasons I chose an Apple iPhone is because the UI is so rich looking. If wanted a UI that looks like a kids drew it with a crayon, I would have gone with a Windows 8 phone.



What world do you live in? this is no where near W8 or for that matter cheap or flat... it has depth and fluid graphics.



I'm with angryone on this one. The underlying tech may be cool but the actual design of the icons, fonts, and color schemes is horrible. For years, Microsoft has been trying and failing to imitate that signature Apple design "feel." Now Apple's abandoned it to try to look like everybody else. I mean just check out that Calendar icon. I couldn't design my way out of a wet paper bag and I could've come up with that in literally two minutes.



I wish they had active icons. The weather or clock icon should show an actual reading. I expected more than one window open on the screen with the iPad. The new icons look like candy, rounded corners. No help for senior citizens with button control and text control. IOS 7 is nice but it's not a departure.



The icons may BE active. If you notice, the time at the top of the phone says 9:41, and the face of the clock on the clock app seems to say...9:41. And it might just be a sunny day in southern California, if such a thing can be imagined...

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