WWDC Rumor Roundup -- Thursday Spy Shot Edition [UPDATED]



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On OS 3.0, SMS is a different icon, and called "messages". Doctored Picture Fail



and asked when i could upgrade my iPhone, after a freak "fall down three flights of stairs, off of a roof, onto to top of a parked car, and then the pavement" accident. the manager tried to convince me that a new iPhone wouldn't be coming out for another six months, at least. he did tell me, however, that he knew the name. he said it was the iPhone Pro. personally i call shenanigans on him. shortly there after he told me that this was the best picture of it, and he assured me that he of course has a friend in Cupertino and that he follows apple very closely. whatever its called, its going to be good, but i'm getting worried apple won't release anything.. here's the pic -- http://www.bestiphonehelp.com/_Media/iphone-pro-2.png



The referenced photo is in English and Metric for the physical dimensions.  Apple would either keep one convention, or list both (english and metric) side by side... Also anyone that "knows somebody that has a friend that watches someone else" is usually an excellent source of information.  It is unfortunate that we will put so much hope in crap.  I really like the way this one looks... 

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