Yes, Apple Realizes You Want a Bigger iPhone



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Javier Cavallo

I´m worried if apple start to make choices by looking at what the consumers wants.. that could be the dead sentence to apple.

the marketing people are looking it wrong, Yes, there are people that want a bigger screen phone... but those people don´t want an iphone.

trying to capture all the market often ends in poor products design choices.. i buy apple product just because they are created by "thinking different", not by looking at consumer surveys.

i hope that apple don´t transform into Samsung, incapable of taking choice, and filling up the store shelf with dozens of phones with every design choice that they must have filtered inside the design teams.. most options even with no advantages over the others.

"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." Henry ford



No! Do not force a bigger iPhone - offer two sizes please!



NO! I Dont!!! if i wanted a bigger phone id get a samsung... thats why i have an iPhone



The i5 is a perfect size for a phone to be used by one hand. However, phablets are gaining in popularity because of the potential productivity gained by such a device. I say potential because few folks actually use their phablets to their true potential. Anyway, reclassify the the iPad mini as a phablet. Most phablets are inching towards it's size anyway. Apple already has the infrastructure in place to produce LTE capable mini's. God forbid Apple actually add a digitizer style to the mini as well. Talk about an easy way to move to domination in the phablet market without much effort & simultaneously steal Samsung's lunch. I swear I wish I knew someone at Apple because clearly they don't see that they have all the puzzle pieces right in front of them to dominate the market once again with both market share & profitability.


Computer Janitor

Personally, I do not want a bigger iPhone. It worries me when people talk about Apple increasing the size of the iPhone because Apple tends to only make one size. I like the size of my iPhone 5S. It fits in my pocket, I can use it one handed and it is not a tablet.

Apple, please do not force an iPhablet on those of us who want an iPhone.

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