Yes, It's Real: Apple Debuts the iPad mini, Starts at $329



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I think Apple should have kept the price no higher than $299. I think the price of $329 is going to keep some people from purchasing the model. It is still going to sell well but not as well if they had kept the price point lower.



And with this I know Apple is heading a different direction then under Steve!



I think the iPad mini could have been a greater success if it had the A6 chip, retina display and a price of $299 for the lowest model.

While the display size and overall hand-held size are great, and the design quite attractive, I can't understand why Apple would not give us the resolution of the new iPad 4 and the same faster processor.

That, plus a price of $299 would really give people a choice: "Do I want an iPad 4, or do can I only afford a mini yet still get all the great features?"

I already own an iPad 3 with retina display and it's amazing. I was hoping to sell it and get a mini, but I think I'll wait for the 2nd gen mini. Hopefully it will have retina display, as well.



I have the ipad 3 also, so I'll wait for the 2nd gen iPad mini...

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