YouTube Introduces New iPhone App Ahead of iOS 6 Removal



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Aquarius, the simplest way to connect to your TV from your Iphone or Itouch is with an apple TV rather than the corded attachment. It will allow you to present any video, movie, (including from Youtube) or photo that is on your phone simply by pushing a button and use of a wifi connection.



Here's the problem for me... I have the Apple Component AV Cable so I can watch some video podcasts and YouTube videos through my iPod Touch 4 on my TV. With the Apple YouTube app I get the video out support... With the new YouTube app I don't... Which makes this new app pretty useless to me. I hope they will be able to add the video out support before the Apple YouTube app goes away.


dr ivo robotnik

it's a better one then the ios pack-in at least it's fast for longer videos

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