YouTube Readying to Take on iTunes



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Paid content from Youtube will never work. It started out as a place where people could share videos for free. Youtube will never translate to a paid service, especially for content that you cannot download and keep. It'll never work. I for one would never pay for it. I use Netflix and Itunes, everything else pales in comparison. Youtube is a fun place for free video content. Changing it will kill it. Oh well, it was cool while it lasted.


J Keirn-Swanson

I'm on the fence about whether it will work or not, but I'm waaaaayyy leaning toward "not."

 I know I for one, like you, will not pay for something I can't keep from an online service. I think they're counting more on people wanting to rent like a movie from a brick and mortar store, but if I can't watch it as much as I want to and can't transfer it to another location (seriously, who wants to sit at their desk even MORE?), then I'm not all that interested, frankly.

 Now if I could just watch Hulu on my iPhone.

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