YouTube Turns Up The Heat On Hulu



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Like Hulu, for now YouTube is offering such streaming media for free, including advertising links to vendors such as and iTunes




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I'll only gain interest in YouTube when they get real about the videos they post and have a player that "just works" for my iMac that can be linked to via Front Row, not some boring webpage or worse yet, a worthless Windows only player. These outdated old movies are fine for adding to your collection of movies you forgot because they sucked, I'd rather see some real content like new releases and in theaters now releases, or on TV today releases. I don't care about yesterdays shows, I've already seen them, YESTERDAY! I want to see what's on TODAY, TODAY or better still what's on TOMORROW, TODAY. Not everyone works on the networks schedules and being able to watch a show that comes on at 9 P.M. that morning, at 3 A.M. is something I would be most interested in, and if I had to pay a minimal cost to do it, then fine, otherwise quit charging me for stuff I've already recorded, LIVE, and watched on MY Schedule!



You wrote: "Competitor Hulu, a joint venture by NBC Studios and News Corp., has far less viewers than Google-owned YouTube …."
It should be obvious that the correct word in this sentence should be "fewer" and not "less." When referring to comparative quantity, there are fewer viewers. One is either a viewer or not, which is a qualitative characteristic, and thus makes the use of "less" incorrect.

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