Zuckerberg: Apple Needs To "Get On The Bus" For Social



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It's hard to say whether Apple or Facebook should "get on the bus" if we don't know the details of why they aren't riding each other's transportation.

We basically have a stand-off here with the 800-pound gorillas of each category staring each other down. Certainly Facebook integration would help Ping grow faster and adding social music into Facebook would help solidify it's dominance. We'll just see who blinks first and why.



Facebook should die



There are many things to say about the state of Facebook and Apple. I'll be very brief and cannot write about all of them. I'll summarize with first, Ping would benefit tremendously from Facebook integration. It would be interesting to find out what is the proverbial monkey-wrench which the two camps have broken down over. Security would be my bet, but who knows. Second...and I know this will sound harsh, but history has proven this time and time again. In 5 years, Facebook will be a memory. Yes. I recall the same attitude from SUN, DELL and many others. Facebook will go the way of MySpace. It is the nature of online social networks. Bigger, better and different. Apple cannot sell it's soul for the latest fad and very importantly, that is what Facebook is. Social networks work like a popularity contest; always changing. Apple should leverage them for the time being, but do not make the mistake of putting too much into it.

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