The Night Before Expo, iPhone Talks with China Hit Wall, Apple's Big Holiday Season

The Night Before Expo, iPhone Talks with China Hit Wall, Apple's Big Holiday Season


'Twas the night before Expo: Mac Expo starts tomorrow, and we dare you to try to get some sleep tonight. What will Apple announce? All the major media outlets have an opinion, including Newsweek, Fortune, The Seattle Times, NPR, InfoWorld,, BusinessWeek, USA Today, BBC News, the Financial Times, and more. If you don't mind watching a video with two regular guys (our hot chick hostess was unavailable), you can watch our take on what we think will be announced at Expo.


Steve Jobs's keynote is at 9AM Pacific on Tuesday and we'll have a minute-by-minute live report here on


Chinese iPhone hits wall: China Mobile has ended iPhone talks with Apple. Apple and China Mobile won't comment on why talks stopped, but reports say that China Mobile thinks Apple is asking too much for game, music, and video download revenues.


Apple's big holiday season: Analysts think that Apple's Q1 results will be "ginormous" (fiscal Q1 equals the fourth quarter of the calendar year).


Office 2008 benchmarks: MacTech did speed comparisons to see how fast Office 2008 is compared to Office 2004.


Netflix announces unlimited streaming: If you have an unlimited DVD rental plan with Netflix, you can stream as many movies and TV shows from Netflix as you want for no extra charge.


ZFS source code available: The binaries, source code, and instructions for the ZFS file system for Mac OS X are available online.


Better late than never: A Microsoft tech returned a customer call to talk about the customer's problem - only thing is that the customer called with the complaint 10 years ago. Turns out that it was just a mix up by the Microsoft employee.




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Ron in Ann Arbor

IRONICALLY -- the streaming media on Netflix DOESNT WORK on Macs -- it is PC-only.

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