News Roundup: Details on the QuickTime Hack, Apple Ranks 7th in Brand Power, and More

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News Roundup: Details on the QuickTime Hack, Apple Ranks 7th in Brand Power, and More

Windows machines vulnerable to QuickTime flaw too: As reported yesterday, it was indeed QuickTime (not Safari) that was to blame for the MacBook Pro vulnerability reported on Monday. The hacker, Dino Dai Zovi, revealed more details on how he exploited a chink in QuickTime. According to the explanation, "Any Java-enabled browser is a viable attack vector, if QuickTime is installed." And, since many Windows users also use QuickTime, they could be vulnerable too.


As we mentioned on Monday, the best defense (until Apple updates QuickTime to patch the flaw) is to disable Java in your Web browser. In Safari, go to Preferences > Security and uncheck Enable Java next to Web Content. In Firefox, go to Preferences > Content and uncheck Enable Java. (Tech note: Java and JavaScript are two different animals.)


Apple flexes its brand power: In its 2007 Brand Power Index, AlixPartners found that Apple ranked 7th among home technology companies. Sony commanded an easy lead, with a 55.2 percent category popularity rate (compared to Apple's 9.2 percent popularity rate). Still, the report says Apple "showed itself to be as hip and dynamic" as the Mac character played by Justin Long in Apple's Get a Mac ads. "In other words, here's the exception to what seems to be the new rule of branding otherwise so evident in this study: While product innovation is indeed not widely valued overall by consumers today, in some categories, such as home tech, innovation is still an important way to win."


Bridging the gap between No. 1 Sony and No. 7 Apple were Dell, HP, Panasonic, Toshiba, and RCA.


Yay for money! Apple releases its quarterly earnings statement today, an announcement analysts expect to be somewhat low key. Lower prices on memory chips and displays could contribute to fatter profits for the company, according to Bloomberg.


Listen to the earnings statement for yourself starting at 5 pm PT.


Options flap all the lawyer's fault? Despite the numerous headlines today, there's no new news since yesterday about the statement released by former Apple CFO Fred Anderson claiming that Steve Jobs knew about options backdating back in '01. But's Roger Parloff has a detailed, cogent summary - which also ponders the question of whether the whole thing was all former Apple general counsel Nancy Heinen's fault.


iTunes to offer music and lyrics? Apple and digital media company Gracenote are in talks that could result in song lyrics being made available for sale on the iTunes Store. Gracenote already signed a deal with Yahoo Music that allows users to search for songs based on lyrics, not just song title or artist. Meanwhile, there's another iTS competitor sharpening its claws: Amazon confirmed yesterday that it's seriously considering launching a music store.


Plus, don't miss: The latest George Foreman grill is on sale now, complete with iPod connectivity. Check out this handy overview of Apple Mail's smart mailboxes feature. In case you need them, here are five reasons the iPhone's better than other smartphones. And one more reason to keep adding pennies to your iPhone savings account. Boo (or cheer on) the lamest technology mascots ever. And in processor-business news, Intel captured more than 80 percent of the chip market in the first quarter of 2007, but it's going to have to spend some of the money its making to beef up its datamining system in the face of a massive antitrust lawsuit filed by AMD.




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