News Roundup: A Corporate iPhone, Apple Biz News, iTunes News, Intel Chip Plans, and More.

News Roundup: A Corporate iPhone, Apple Biz News, iTunes News, Intel Chip Plans, and More.

Will the iPhone get job? Although AT&T is reportedly readying the iPhone for sales to business, the barriers to its acceptance by the corporate world remain daunting. For one, the fact that the iPhone will be a closed system will prevent corporation from loading their own business-critical apps on it; for another, its lack of an easily replaceable battery makes it unattractive to bean counters. That said, one analysts say that, sales-wise, the iPhone is going to be a monster."


More on the latest anti-Apple lawsuit: That legal action against Apple that we reported yesterday? It seems that the litigant, IP Innovation LLC, is miffed about the use of tabs in Tiger. No word why IP Innovation waited this long to sue, seeing how long Tiger has been out - but we do agree with the poster on SlashDot who said "Software patent reform can't come soon enough!"


More on the Apple options kerfuffle: According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple's ex-CFO, Fred Anderson has reached a settlement with the SEC on his "alleged participation in the backdating of stock options." Terms reportedly include "a fine of about $150,000" and the repayment of "option gains of about $3.5 million." What about Steve, you may ask? Is he still in hot water? Not according to the San Jose Mercury News, which is of the opinion that "prospects for a criminal case against powerhouse CEO Steve Jobs appear dim." Good news for Apple shareholders, that.


Apple to offer music subscriptions on the iTunes Store? While some have said that Apple's not making a decent profit off music sales, Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves is of a different opinion - and he's got the numbers to back it up. More interestingly, he also states that "Apple “has built and is capable of launching a subscription music service.” We'll see. If Apple's profits on the iTS remain strong, they have no compelling reason to offer subscriptions. Oh, and speaking of the iTS, Apple has released iQuiz, a pop culture game for the iPod - check it out in iTunes by clicking here.


In other news: Digit magazine has a comprehensive report on Intel's "system-on-a-chip" planning. The Mac team at Firefox wants to hear what you don't like about their Web browser. Remember that Safari hack we mentioned yesterday? It turns out that the was, more specifically, aimed at QuickTime. Looking for a tech job? Forbes has a nationwide survey about the best and worst places to find one. And finally, if you've looked around at the membership of your Macintosh Users Group and have suspected that you're seeing more grey hair and bifocals than ever before, you're right.




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That MORON that thinks the iPhone won't be accepted because you can't change the battery couldn't be more lame and more wrong.

I believe the same analyst said that it would also not be accepted because people wanted a real keyboard.... and not one that is part of the display.

My only guess is that Crackberry has this limp dicked wonder in their back pocket.

I own 2 companies..... and I'll be buying a couple iPhones come June.... and I could give a crap about being able to easily replace the battery. The Motorola I use now is a decent phone..... but just as with the last one.... I replaced the phone long before the battery needed to be replaced.

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