News Roundup: A New Peek at Leopard, Apple+Google News, Commodore Is Back, and More

News Roundup: A New Peek at Leopard, Apple+Google News, Commodore Is Back, and More

More Leopard details emerge: Yesterday we mentioned that the latest build of Mac OS 10.5, aka Leopard, had been released to developers. Today Johnny-on-the-spot Think Secret released a gallery of new screenshots, including such niceties as an improved Spotlight interface, new photo effects in Address Book, and AirPort-traffic tracking. As more details emerge, optimism about Leopard's success is growing - one analyst predicts $200 million in Leopard-based revenue in the second and third quarters of 2007 alone.


Google and Apple to deepen their cooperation: At a San Francisco conference yesterday, Google CEO and Apple board member Eric Schmidt commented that "Google and Apple are doing more and more things together through the normal course of communications," and that the two companies have "similar goals and similar competitors." It doesn't take a seasoned analyst to know that "similar competitors" means Microsoft, Microsoft, and ... well ... Microsoft - a company that's going through a bit of a rough patch these days. As Alexis Kayhill over at Mac360 puts it, "Apple [is taking] center stage from the Windows maker in the new digital millennium." Or as another analyst says in defense of his pro-Apple stance, "Those that follow the herd will tend to get slaughtered."


A splash of cold water hits Apple TV-gaming rumors: There are two competing rumors concerning the Apple TV's future as a casual gaming device bubbling around the Web today. One school of thought cites text strings buried in iTunes 7.1's code that relate to game syncing as indicators that games are on the way for the soon-to-be-released-but-still-late Apple TV. "Not so fast," say the good folks at MacUser, who cite the similarities between the iPod and Apple TV sections of the code, and opine that the only conclusion to be drawn is that "the developer in charge of updating the strings knows how to use copy/paste and find/replace." Our money is on MacUser in this dispute.


Another splash of cold water, this time aimed at Adobe watchers: Yes, as revealed yesterday, Adobe will announce its Creative Suite 3 on March 27th, but today's news is that it won't ship CS3 until "later in Spring 2007." That's the bad news - the good news is that you'll have more time to save up for that Mac Pro with Leopard pre-installed to run CS3.


In other news: Dale Dougherty over at O'Reilly has some sobering spam statistics; Leander Kahney talked with an ex-Apple programmer who's of the opinion that the entire "Asteroid" product-detail-leak fiasco was a Steve-Jobs-inspired counter-espionage effort; Richard Wray at The Guardian reports that the worldwide amount of digital information produced last year was 161,000,000,000 gigabytes; Intel's CEO Paul Otellini is bullish on the iPhone, saying "Virtually every computer and handset manufacturer on the planet is struggling to figure out how to compete with Apple;" rumors are circulating that the iPhone's multi-touch display technology may soon surface in "a Mac Near You;" and nostalgia buffs will be warmed by the fact that the Commodore brand is resurfacing - the new Commodore PCs, however, will be up-market gaming platforms, and not a rebirth of the beloved Commodore 64 of old.




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"Those that follow the herd will tend to get slaughtered." which means, I presume, that Apple doesn't want to get to successful or it will become the herd leading all of it's followers to slaughter.



Umm no.. it means that those millions upon millions (the 94% of the computing market) of MS users will find themselves hugging their crappy Vista boxes with SP18 and 16GB of spam and spyware, loathing those intelligent Mac users that think different and love innovation in a few years. We were there man... now it's your turn.


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