News Roundup: Adobe CS3 Details, Leopard Rumors, Ballmer's Self-Delusion, and More

News Roundup: Adobe CS3 Details, Leopard Rumors, Ballmer's Self-Delusion, and More

More on Adobe CS3: As previously reported, Adobe today formally announced its Creative Suite 3, and already reactions are pouring in. For example, the UK's Digit has released beta previews of Dreamweaver CS3, Fireworks CS3, Illustrator CS3, Flash Professional CS3, Bridge CS3, InDesign CS3, Photoshop CS3, and the completely new Device Central CS3. Plus, they take a look at the whole kit and kaboodle, as well. Nice work, guys!


More Leopard-3D rumors: Now that we know that it's pretty certain that Leopard won't be late, the rumor mill is now swirling about how much 3D effects will play in its interface. We're hoping that Apple doesn't get too carried away with gee-whiz effects, but, to be honest, we're not worried - one thing the company does well is to keep things easy and attractive. IT type are yearning for more details of Leopard Server, but one intrepid detail hound has laid out a compendium of what's now known about that cat.


In other news: Apple is finally getting a bit of slack in the EU's war against the iPod - and from pretty high places. AT&T (aka Cingular) says that it has already fielded a million questions about the iPhone. The announcement of "new Macs" at the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters convention may have been inadvertently leaked. Using an iPod while driving is apparently as attention-impairing as using a cell phone. Nike will be increasing its offerings of iPod-enabled shoes. Finally, Steve Ballmer is dissing Apple again, saying that "People who build overpriced, underpowered equipment and then market it in an edgy way do not have a formula for broad success."




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So "edgy" is the word of the moment then? We're "edgy" consumers, Apple is promoting its equipment in an "edgy" way.....

Who's edgy? Sounds like Micro$oft to me.




and of course this crap is on fox news. Where else but on the Herr Doktor Murdok propaganda freak show...
Is there even a reason to report steve ballmer's crack dreams other than feeling sorry for him?
obviously you don't have to be intelligent to be rich.



Too funny Viad.... and I think you're totally right... in that Ballmer more then proves you don't have to be intelligent to be rich.

Ballmer is such an incredibly overpaid, fat, bloated, windbag of an individual. And he and gates have yet to come up with a single original idea since day one. Now I'll give Gate cudo's for playing the game to win.... but nothing they've done.... recently... or in the past.... could be considered original or COOL. And I know that just eats them up.....

Vista is MS typical Shitware that they try and feed the fools that keep on buying it. They fail to realize that even though our machines look cool, and are more expensive.... they actually deliver.... secure....reliable.....and fun to work on.... I'll always pay more for that....



It is funny how much resentment is out there just because APPLE Products prove to be superior. It reminds me of certain political parties. Ballmer is making it political. Microsoft is gasping for air. Why the hate...All I can say is, "Make the Ultimate PC Upgrade BUY A MAC"

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